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Signboard, hanger, Umbrella stand


Material / Iron

Design construction /

Takeda Kensetsu

Signboard, hanger Photo /

Itsuko Shimizu

Umbrella stand Photo /

Nobuyuki Takeda

I designed and produced a signboard for an Italian restaurant.

I expressed the human being of the owner chef Fujiwara. With a solid yet delicate and gentle image, Mr. Fujiwara, who loves Italy but also loves his hometown (Wakayama), added peach trees and flowers to make it F "Effe".

​The umbrella stand is a form of the image in Mr. Fujiwara's head when he thinks about cooking, and the emotions and passion that arise from nothing. I designed it so that it can be used as an umbrella stand on rainy days and as a flower vase on sunny days.

I think we will have many flowers in the future.

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