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Masakazu Kuroiwa



Table, Signboard, Post

Material / Iron

Architectural Design / THE OFFICE

Construction / Higashibata Co., Ltd.

Table Top / atelier yadori

Photo / Masakazu Kuroiwa

Three "trees" support a single-plate cedar dyed black with iron mordanting, which is 4 meters long and 60 mm thick. A tree is a dynamic and powerful fiber that is like a finely tuned fiber, which is my image that Mr. Kuroiwa can feel.


As for the posts and signboards, we designed and produced posts and signboards that look like "iron lumps" with the same materials as the materials because of the atmosphere of the building and the uniqueness of Mr. Kuroiwa.


Mr. Kuroiwa's studio is on the way to school when I was in high school, so I feel very nostalgic. Mr. Kuroiwa, who is based in such a place, always gives me a good stimulus.

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