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April 21 (Fri) - 25 (Tue), 2023

@House of Blacksmith

Appointment only

Tools related to fire, such as iron trays dyed in jet black and candlesticks for lighting Japanese candles. Iron faintly reflected from the darkness, dwelling in the visible and invisible.

Plants / K fleurs





The power and freshness of the vegetables are delivered straight to the table, and the deep flavor overlaps. In addition, the aroma and taste of vegetables and herbs A little surprise, a little bit of joy that spreads. A dish where each one meets and melts and only the afterglow remains, And I want to be a place.

The theme of this meeting is "What is visible and what is invisible", We will prepare a course that you can try.


Nobuyuki Takeda

Nobuyuki Takeda



After graduating from the Department of Metal Crafts, Osaka University of Arts, after working for a machine production maker, studied under craftsman Mitsuo Nishida. Opened a workshop / shop in Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture from 2013.

This time, we will exhibit the hammered cutlery, plates, vases, Japanese candles, and objects used by Souwa. Please take a look.

 A Japanese home in the days when there were no electric lights. A single Japanese candle is lit in the darkness, The darkness, the light within. And the beauty that comes out when Japanese paper or lacquerware is placed in dim light. I was deeply touched by the aesthetic sense that emerged from the space with limited visibility.

 While living in a blacksmith's house, I began to notice the beauty and splendor of Japan's unique materials. Using washi paper to express his works, or combining iron and lacquer, they fit in perfectly with his life. What we feel and think changes day by day as life and nature are connected and familiar. Meanwhile, he learns that there is a lacquer tree called Grape Haze in Wakayama. Today, there are very few manufacturers of Japanese candles made from hazy wax. It will be irresistibly attracted and the day will come soon.

 When I lit a Japanese candle for the first time, I saw the flame flickering even though there was no wind. It seemed as if the creature was breathing, and I stared intently at it. When the candle was about to burn out, it exploded for a moment as if to breathe again. The fire quietly dwindled, leaving only a corpse-like ash.

 It looks like humans, animals, and plants are alive. like life itself. I even felt admiration for the cleanliness, as if nothing had disappeared. I wished to create a shape without artificiality like this. Like things that live in the natural world, just a form to live. A world born out of darkness.

《Japanese candle》2023 HOUSEHOLD INDUSTRY × Souwa



"Blacksmith Noie" is a small wooden house and gallery near the studio.

The dinner party / exhibition will be held by appointment.

Note: Reservation methods are different for <Spring Evening> and <Night Exhibition>.

<Spring dinner (yuuge)>   


Date: April 21 (Fri) ,2023   soldout

          April 22 (Sat) ,2023   soldout

          April 23 (Sun) ,2023   soldout

Location: House of Blacksmith

Time: 19:00-

Price: 8,000 yen [taxin]

Capacity: 6 people each


(Please specify the names, contact information, and desired dates of all participants)

<Night Exhibition>   


Date: April 24 (Mon) ,2023

          April 25 (Tue) ,2023


Location: House of Blacksmith

Time: ① 17:00 - 18: 00

           ② 18:00 - 19: 00

           ③ 19:00 - 20: 00

          ④ 20:00 - 21:00

Price: 2,000 yen [taxin]

(sweets and tea / cafe only)

Capacity: 4 people each

Reservations for the exhibition can be made by phone (+81 73 (488) 5199) or by using the input form below. Please select the "desired date" and "time zone" and send. We will reply to you with the date and time when you can make a reservation.

Before you take a look, I have some requests.

Please be sure to read the notes and make a reservation after acknowledging it.

Reservation status 

《Updated at PM10:30 on April 22》

× Reserved    Please select from the blanks


< Notes on viewing >

Please refrain from shooting.

No smoking indoors or outdoors.

Please be careful when touching furniture etc.

If you are traveling with young children, please hold hands and watch together.

Please keep an eye on your child to prevent accidents.

Please be careful not to inconvenience the neighbors.

Please follow the guidelines for new corona measures when visiting.

< Notes on reservations >

Limited number of people reserved / 6 people each time

Please contact us if you are traveling with children.

Application is not confirmation of reservation.

If we determine that it is inappropriate, we may cancel your reservation.

It may take some time for some inquiries.

If you are having trouble submitting the form, please contact us by email at In addition, the reply to the e-mail from here may become junk e-mail and may not arrive. If you do not receive a reply, please call +81 73 (488) 5199.

HOUSEHOLD INDUSTRY × Souwa 「tomoshihi」


Reservation application

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We will confirm and reply within a few days.

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