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The lotus
of Kimiidera Temple



Material / Iron

Photo / Nobuyuki Takeda

Kimiidera Temple is the head temple of the Guze Kannon sect in the southern part of Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture. If you climb the 231 stone steps called Kechienzaka, you can get a panoramic view of Wakaura Bay. Kimiidera has been certified as one of the constituent cultural properties of the Japan Heritage "Treasure House of Stunning Views Wakanoura".

We received a request from Kimiidera to create a space for birds to entertain customers with a lotus motif in the garden of Tenku Café.

Lotus and Buddhism have a deep relationship, and I imagined the world of lotus from the words "lotus trivet" and "lotus metamorphosis". I actually went to see the lotus many times and observed the flowers blooming. In order to create a place for birds to gather, I made lotus leaves a place to bathe, not too deep and not too shallow, and created a pool of water. Shadows are created by overlapping lotus leaves, and from time to time, birds can be seen picking food and bathing.

We hope you will enjoy it with the superb view of Wakaura.

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