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Kuroe's two-person exhibition



Session / April 23-29,2021

Location / House of Blacksmith

Photo / Nobuyuki Takeda


We held a Two-person exhibition of Nobuyuki Takeda, a blacksmith, and Reiko Hashizume, a lacquer artist from Kuroe who is also from Kuroe. This was the first exhibition at the House of Blacksmith, which is his own residence and gallery.

It was an exhibition where you could feel the beauty of the original lacquer in the natural light and shadow of the Japanese house.

Reiko Hashizume

lacquer artist

In addition to tea utensils and accessories such as jujube and incense, she also handles small items such as hand mirrors and folding fans. She uses genuine lacquer and traditional techniques to create delicate and beautiful works. She is active mainly in exhibitions such as solo exhibitions and group exhibitions.

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