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Photo by Itsuko Shimizu

Town of KUROE



〒642-0001 和歌山県海南市船尾201-14

TEL 073 (488) 5199

1F 工房/不定休

2F SHOP/金、土、第1・3日曜の11:00~17:00 OPEN

HOUSEHOLD INDUSTRY is located along the national highway in Funao, Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture. After returning to hometown during our independence, we renovated the building, which was originally a blacksmith, and started operations as a Studio on the 1F and a Shop on the 2F. 

Funao is a town next to KUROE where he was borned. It used to be one of the four major Shikki producing areas, but now it has lost its remnants of the past. At the beginning, I wasn't really conscious of it, but when I saw the city of Kuroe, which I was looking at every day from the window on the second floor, various thoughts came to me.

Is there anything that a blacksmith in the town can do in this town?

Once you step in, you will find the scape that flourished in the Shikki industry. As I took a walk almost every day, I became more and more drawn to the beauty of the town. Not only the quaint scape like the lattice and saw teeth, but also the flowers blooming on the roadside have come to my attention. I felt that the roaring proof that I lived to the best of my ability with people and life, which is never found in cities or tourist spots, was beautiful and sweet.

Looking back, I have longed for Shikki craftsmen since I was a child, and even when I left Wakayama, I always remembered the Town of KUROE. I think it's probably the root of my heart. The roots of a Blacksmith are in Western Europe, but I believe that one day these two roots will become one, and I will continue to strike iron every day.

Photo by Itsuko Shimizu

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Itsuko Shimizu, a photographer living in Kainan City, walked around the Town of KUROE and took a picture.


Photo by Itsuko Shimizu


201-14 Funoo, Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture, 642-0001

TEL +81 73 (488) 5199

1F Workshop / Irregular holidays

2F SHOP / OPEN FRI, SAT, 1st and 3rd SUN 11:00 - 17:00


About Parking

There is a parking lot entrance between "Michikusa" and "Funatsu Photo Studio". Please be careful as it is a busy road.


House of Blacksmith

Complete reservation system
Regular holidays / SUN and public holidays

A small wooden house and gallery near the Studio. You can see the scenery like the origin of manufacturing, which is to make what you need in your life for your family.

Viewing is by appointment only. Before you take a look, I have some requests. Please read the notes from the reservation form and make a reservation after acknowledging.

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